Cutting Tool Nomenclature


Indexable Carbide Inserts

A great deal of material removal operations, both milling and turning, utilize indexable (replaceable) tungsten carbide cutting tool inserts.  The sheer variety of styles and types can confuse even experienced machinists.  While is not possible to describe the merits and deficiencies of all the various types, we will attempt to provide a brief overview of standard nomenclature with an emphasis on those inserts currently being used by the UAH CoE Machine Shop CNC Department.

            ISO (International Standards Organization) Inserts

As the name implies, inserts (and toolholders) in this category have been standardized so that the inserts from all manufacturers are essentially the same and are interchangeable.  The numbering system for this standard is as follows:    




            Proprietary (Single source manufacturer) Inserts

Many of the inserts and toolholders we use have been developed by manufacturers to meet specific needs and improve specific processes.  Since these developments are covered by patents, they are only available through a single source.  Most of the proprietary inserts and toolholders we use are manufactured by Kennametal, Iscar, and Circle.  A partial summary is listed below.



            APKT 1003PDR-HM 328                Helimill insert for use in steels, corrosion resistant steels, exotics

            APKR 1003PDR-HM  28                 Helimill insert for use in aluminum alloys, and Machinable plastics


                                                                        Self Grip insert for parting tool



            NT3R KC850                                    Topnotch insert for OD threading

                                                                        Topnotch insert for OD grooving


            A3 3.91400-010 CS5                          A3 deep grooving insert



                                                                        Extremely small insert for small diameter boring applications