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Multiphysics Flow Simulation Group

Open Ph.D. Position

There is a Ph.D. position supported through Graduate Research Assistantship available in the area of dusty plasma modeling.

Complex plasmas, also known as dusty plasmas, consist of ions, electrons and charged dust, tiny solid particles. Dusty plasmas are found in most space environments including the clouds from which stars and planets form, comet tails, planetary rings, and noctilucent clouds in the earthʼs ionosphere. Dusty plasmas are also present on Earth in applied settings. They are formed in the chemically active gases used in industrial plasma processing devices to create computer chips, contaminating the end product and reducing overall yield. The formation of dust crystals, clusters and strings in laboratory plasmas has also proven to be a capable analog for atomic and molecular systems.


  • - M.S. in Mechanical, Aerospace, or Chemical Engineering with background in CFD
  • - Demonstrated skills in Fortran, C, or MATLAB programming
  • Preferred but not required

  • - Background in plasmas, particle-laden flows, or combustion
  • Applicants should send their CV including the contacts of three references to Dr. Babak Shotorban at babak.shotorban@uah.edu .