Prospective students are invited to apply for admission to the School of Graduate Studies to
pursue a degree program in Electrical, Computer Engineering, or Optics and Photonics
technology by submitting the following documents:

1.  An application form - obtained from any Department, Admissions, or Graduate
     School or download electronic version:

 2.  GRE scores -General only. It is a computer-based test, given in Decatur at the Sylvan
Learning Center, by appointment only . Call 1-800-GRE-CALL.
 3.  Transcripts from all previous institutions attended.
 4.  Application Fee.

International  applicants, please submit also:

 5.  TOEFL scores
 6.  Financial support statement.


An application file is forwarded by the office of Graduate Studies to the Department,
which reviews each applicant on an individual basis.  The review is based on multiple factors
including, but not limited to:  course grades, grade point average, prior academic
experience, independent and supervised research, and test scores. All decisions shall reflect
these cumulative and multi-faceted criterion; no single factor is determinative.  Therefore, the
minimal GPA and test scores do not guarantee admission since applicants are judged on their
overall qualifications.

A qualified applicant may be admitted in one of three classifications depending upon the
applicant's record. These classifications are:

   *   GRE: Minimum score of  1500 {See Footnote below}  (General)  AND
   *   GPA: Minimum  score of  3.00 (A=4.00) overall, or on the last 60 semester hours.

 For International students, also
   *   TOEFL: Minimum of 500

   *    GRE: Minimum score of 1500{See Footnote below} (General), OR
         GPA: Minimum score of 3.00 overall, or on the last 60 semester hours, OR

 For International students, also
   *  TOEFL: Minimum of 500

NOTE:  Conditional Admission automatically becomes Unconditional upon earning a minimum
GPA of 3.00 at the completion of 12 hours. A student who does not achieve the minimum is
terminated from the Graduate School.

A student whose application has not been completed, or who is interested in taking graduate
courses without pursuing a degree, may take as many courses for graduate credit as one desires
with the proper approvals. One must, of course, submit evidence of having at least a bachelor's

If a nondegree student later applies and is admitted to the Graduate School, no more than 12
hours of grades A and B may be transferred to the degree program provided his/her minimum
GPA is 3.00.

Student must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to remain in the nondegree status.

Footnote: Verbal + Quantitative +100*{Analytical score+2}

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